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The love and appreciation of the outdoors were instilled early in Cheyenne. She was born and raised in sunny South Florida where she spent winters in The Keys and summers on the family farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Cheyenne is a self-taught photographer and began shooting stock and assignment photography in 1989 after she made the decision to leave her home in Miami, FL, and move to the Southwest. Her areas of specialty included Extreme Adventure Sports, Outdoor Recreation, Health & Fitness, Western/SW Culture, and Landscapes.


After 9-11 life and business changed, it was at that time Cheyenne hung up her mountain climbing boots and camera for a much-needed break. She soon found that she missed not only having a camera in her hand but she missed the creative process. She wasn't interested in getting back into the stock & assignment segment of the photography business again and knew that her calling would come in a different form this time. In 2008, Cheyenne's creative sparks reignited fresh, new, and bold! A proven master of technique, she's taking Digital Fine Art Photography into exciting, powerful, and new directions. With her unique vision, she captures the subtle moods of the landscapes, the textures, and maybe the ghosts that live on somehow in the rusted, abandoned artifacts of the West & Southwest. Using the whispers of light, color, and form, she asks these old discarded objects to tell us their stories once again.          

Cheyenne's photographs have been published worldwide in hundreds if not thousands of publications over the last 31 years. Her impressive list of clients includes: Sunset Magazine, Subaru Drive Magazine, Outdoor Research Gear, U.S. Postal Service, Backroads Tours, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Outside Magazine, and the list goes on. While Cheyenne doesn't actively market her photos to the editorial world anymore she is still represented by some of the world’s top stock photography agencies, from time to time she will see some of her stock photos used for advertising as well as on magazine and book covers. Cheyenne's Fine Art Photographs of the Great American West & Southwest hang in the homes and offices of collectors from around the globe. 

Cheyenne is also a published author, with a list of Outdoor Recreation and Photography books to her name. In the past, she wrote numerous photo/text pieces and monthly columns for magazines such as; Outdoor Photographer, Park City Traveler, Outdoor & Nature Photographer, and Utah Outdoors. Cheyenne's "Cheyenne's Top 10 Photo Locations" eBook series was launched in 2012 with New Mexico and Southern Utah titles available. Her eBooks have been popular favorites among photographers wanting to learn from her over 30 years of photographing and exploring the Southwest for the best photo locations. From 2010 - 2015, Cheyenne was sponsored by Photomatix HDR Software Group and was one of their sought-after HDR specialists. She held HDR Photo Workshops and Classes around the US as well as speaking engagements sharing her creative journey back into the world of photography. 

As the former owner of Ancient Light Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona from 2010 - 2013, Cheyenne now travels full time and sells her Limited Edition photographs of the Nostalgic West exclusively at over 40 Fine Art Shows and Festivals around the West and Southwest each year. Be sure to have a look at her current Art Show schedule. In 2018, Cheyenne made the big decision and huge leap to hit the road full-time in her travel trailer - be sure to follow her adventures on the road on Facebook 
Cheyenne has lived in Miami FL, Cardiff CA, Park City UT, Scottsdale & New River, Arizona...she now makes her home wherever her 22ft travel trailer is parked. 

Artist Statement

"What you're looking at are not only photographs but moments in time that spoke to my soul. The goal of my work is to have you, the viewer, see what I saw and feel what I felt when I was shooting my photographs. I am very passionate about the West and Southwest – from the culture to the land, to the history…there is no place like it on Earth and I want you to feel that. Nothing in my photographs is staged or set up…ever. You are seeing exactly what I saw when I arrived to shoot the photograph. I drive far and wide throughout the West and Southwest to find the perfect scenes and subject matter for my photographs. For many years I shot photos for the editorial and ad market and my work was considered “market-driven”. Today I only photograph what speaks to my soul, I now call my work "soul-driven"." – Cheyenne 

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