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"The negative is the score, the print is the performance,

and as a photographer and artist, you have the opportunity

to use a variety of tools at every step to create a print that

achieves your vision" - Ansel Adams

Please note - TO ORDER prints from this website you will need to click on the "Galleries" tab, choose the Gallery that you want to view and then click on the photograph that you are interested in. You will then see a green "BUY+" button above the photo - simply click on the "BUY+" button to choose your size and medium. This page will give you all of the pricing and medium information that you need. We currently offer prints on Museum Quality Heavy Weight Canvas, Aircraft Grade Satin Aluminum, "Metallic" paper - shimmery and dramatic, as well as "Luster" paper, for a more silky appearance. You can order your prints easily and securely right from our website by clicking on the green "BUY+" button above the photo of your choice. You may also contact me at or 435.640.6880 and I will be happy to answer any questions or if you need a custom sized photo we can help with that as well. I am also available to help you decide which medium a photograph might be best printed on - I am happy to help "design" the best look for your photograph. I take great pride in my work and want it to look perfect in your home or office or as a special gift for someone in your life. Please don't hesitate to contact me - I am here to help!

All prints, if in stock, are personally hand-signed by me, Cheyenne L Rouse, if not in stock the piece will be digitally signed and shipped directly from my print lab. Currently, Limited Edition prints are only available at my Art Shows that I do throughout the year in the West & Southwest. Limited Edition prints are not available on this site unless otherwise specified. Turnaround time for your order is approximately 2-3 weeks (not including shipping)  - if you need your prints sooner please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Shipping prices on this page are for US destinations only - for international buyers please contact us for a shipping quote or any other question you might have. 

All prints are shipped either UPS or FedEx Ground depending on location - Fully insured. Thank you!


*Currently, I only offer Limited Edition photographs and my unique, one-of-a-kind "Metal on Metal" photographs at my shows - these pieces are not available on my website. I encourage you to come see me at one of my shows to see them in person, they are stunning! To see a complete list of the shows that I will be particpating in this year please click HERE. Come say "Howdy", I'd love to meet you!

Thank you!


Giclee' Canvas Prints - A Giclee print is the highest quality ink jet print available today, this high quality printing process is used by some of the world's top artists. All Giclees are precisely printed on Museum Quality Canvas with a black edge and a 1.5" Gallery Wrap Frame. Giclees are printed on Heavy Weight Museum Quality Canvas with Archival Inks and a UV coating - the canvas print is then stretched over a lightweight wooden frame for a clean edge and contemporary look (up to 30x40). I add a black edge around the outside of the photo so that the canvas that is "wrapped" around the frame appears as more of a black shadow box frame - NO framing is needed. A hanging wire is installed on the back of each Giclee' - once it arrives just take it out of the box and it's ready to hang! These prints are securely wrapped and boxed for shipment. Shipping and handling fees include full insurance. (S/H/I)

Canvas Giclee' "Gallery Wrap" Pricing

16x24 – Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - $395 (S/H/I $42)

24x36 – Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - $895 (S/H/I $76)

*Custom printed larger sizes are available - just email Cheyenne to discuss your photo needs


Fine Art Photographs can be printed on either Metallic (up to 16x24) or Luster Archival photo paper. Luster paper is the least reflective paper with a silky appearance. Metallic photo paper closely resembles prints on aluminum and has a high gloss sheen and shimmer. These photographs will need to be matted and framed at your local frame shop. Shipping and handling fees include full insurance. (S/H/I)

Photographic Print Pricing - Paper

10x15 - ”Metallic” or "Luster" Photo Paper - Loose print/No matte - $95 (S/H/I $17)

16x24 - ”Metallic” or "Luster" Photo Paper - Loose print/No matte - $145 (S/H/I $24)

24x36 - "Luster" Photo Paper - Loose print/No matte - $345 (S/H/I $33)

30x40 - "Luster" Photo Paper - Loose print/No matte $495 (S/H/I $40)

*Custom printed larger sizes are available - just email Cheyenne to discuss your photo needs


Aluminum (Metal) Prints 

My MOST popular and best selling style!!! Each photo is carefully printed onto a specially coated piece of Aircraft Grade Aluminum with a Satin (matte) finish. The color inks are infused into the coating through heat and pressure and the result is an amazingly clear and detailed, 3-dimensional look with an almost back-lit appearance that is unequalled with any other photographic process. At my Art Shows these photos get lots of "Ooohhs and Ahhhhhs". A hidden aluminum "stand out" hanger is applied to the back of each aluminum print for a sleek, contemporary, "Museum - like" look - your metal print will almost be "floating" off of the wall. These durable yet lightweight, bold pieces are stunning and always draw crowds at my Art Shows. These prints need no framing as they are ready to hang! Custom sizes are also available - please call me at 435.640.6880 for pricing. Shipping and handling fees include full insurance. (S/H/I)

16x24 - Satin (matte) Aluminum w/ 1/2" standout mount $455 (S/H/I $39)

20x30 - Satin (matte) Aluminum w/ 1/2" standout mount $645 (S/H/I $47)

24x36 - Satin (matte) Aluminum w/ 1/2" standout mount $925 (S/H/I $76)

28x42 - Satin (matte) Aluminum w/ 1/2" standout mount $1425 (S/H/I $135)

Larger custom sizes for prints on Aluminum, Canvas and Luster Photo Paper are also available - contact us for pricing and shipping details or for any other questions please call 435.640.6880 or email me at and we will be happy to help! Thank you!


*Currently, I only offer Limited Edition photographs and my unique, one-of-a-kind "Metal on Metal" photogprahs at my shows - these pieces are not available on my website. I encourage you to come see me at one of my shows and see them in person, they are stunning! To see a complete list of the shows that I will be particpating in this year please click HERE. Come say "Howdy", I'd love to meet you!

Thank you!


The Process - How I acheive the look and feel of my Fine Art Photographs

Cheyenne L. Rouse is taking Digital Fine Art Photography into exciting, powerful and new directions. With her unique vision, Cheyenne captures the subtle moods of the landscapes and the textures that live on somehow in the rusted, abandoned artifacts of Southwest. Using the whispers of light, color and form, she asks these old discarded objects and landscapes to tell us their stories once again.

Cheyenne has always been passionate about the Legend, the Lore and the Landscapes of the Great American Southwest and all of the romance that they hold. Passionate about her subject matter, she wanted to find a way to make her photographs come to life and look the way that she felt when she was photographing them. Cheyenne feels it is her mission to document and preserve the West and Southwest through her photographs since so much of it is disappearing in today’s fast paced world. Starting with a set of differently exposed digital photographs Cheyenne is able to blend these photographs together with a unique computer program. In essence, when shooting the differently exposed photographs she is capturing every range of light available in the scene then by blending these photographs together she is able to work with all of the highlights and lowlights to create a stunning, almost 3D, Fine Art Photograph. She is then able to highlight the texture, detail and color that are now present in the blended photograph, and this would not be possible with just one photograph. Sometimes the result of this process gives the photograph a surreal or dreamy quality and sometimes the look is more realistic. This unique process has been used in Hollywood by the film industry for years and over the last several years it has become popular in the still photography world. While Cheyenne does not utilize Photoshop or any “layering” method for this process, which is the assumption, she instead uses a unique computer program to “blend” the images together and create the stunning results that you see in her Fine Art Photographs. Cheyenne adds nothing to the photographs as far as objects or buildings – everything you see in the photos was there at the time she shot the photo all she is doing is highlighting what is already present in the scene. To complete the process Cheyenne prints her Giclees on Museum Quality Canvas as well as other unique mediums for added depth and texture, the result is a breathtaking collection of Fine Art Photographs. 



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